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Selling on Friday

From The Tom Haag Estate Collection

1932 Ford Model B Deluxe Phaeton

  • Rare body style; 1 of just 300 four-cylinder models built in 1932
  • Photo album documenting the body-off-the-frame restoration
  • Original steel body with new steel fenders
  • Rebuilt engine by Antique Engine in Skokie, Illinois
  • Rebuilt drivetrain with high-speed rear end
  • Attractive appearance with dual-side mounted tires with stainless covers

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With the end of the 1931 Ford Model As, Henry Ford astonished the automotive world with the introduction of the first successful monobloc V-8 engine in a low-priced vehicle. It was a difficult time for bringing out a new car with the worsening financial disaster, but Ford was able to sell over 180,000 V-8 powered vehicles that year. Even so, Henry knew there would be those who still trusted his four-cylinder engines and had his staff work a number of improvements on the Model A engine. Introducing an oil passage below the valve gallery pressurized oil could be delivered to the main bearings, along with larger surfaces for bearings both of these adding to the engine’s power output and durability. Promoted as the new Model B, they delivered 25 percent more horsepower than the previous engine using the same displacement. All 1932 Fords also benefitted from stylish new bodies that E. T. “Bob” Gregorie had designed, which made the Model Bs a bargain. Offered in the same identical body styles as the V-8 cars, Model B buyers saved an average $45 over V-8 buyers, almost 10 percent of the cost of some models. As the thrill of open-air driving declined, open cars, especially the four-door phaetons fell in popularity with just 281 copies of the Model B Deluxe Phaeton being produced for 1932.

This example on offer from The Tom Haag Estate Collection was restored to exacting standards with the body painted in Ford’s Medium Maroon and hand-applied red pinstriping added to the belt line. Gloss black fenders with a deep rich reflective quality are accented by the red wire-spoke wheels riding on a fresh set of Firestone 6.00” x 16” whitewall tires – quite chic in the day. It is equipped with a vintage Sparton “OOO-GAH” horn mounted on the front left side of the chassis, and to offer the driver and passengers some protection, a pair of beautifully engraved wind wings. Dual side-mounted spare tires are mounted on the fenders, protected by bright metal bands, and dual taillights flank the optional trunk storage rack to the rear of the car. Fitted with a tan canvas folding top, which has a glass back window, the seats are done in pleated oxblood leather that is soft and supple to the touch. Under the hood, the engine appears to have been fully rebuilt, and while the electrical system has retained its 6-volt positive ground status, keeping the lights bright and the battery charged is a Nu-Rex alternator. Undoubtedly, the 1932 Ford styling is iconic and to find one restored to its original condition is rare and an opportunity not to miss.

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