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From The Tom Haag Estate Collection

1934 Ford Model 40 Roadster Street Rod

  • Built 59A V-8 block with numerous upgrades
  • All Henry Ford steel construction
  • Purchased from the original owner to create the build
  • An interesting blend of old-school and new technology
  • Concealed sound system in rumble seat
  • Excellent combination of colors inside and out

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During the 1920s, the Ford Model T looked pretty much the same with only minor changes. It was, after all, economical transportation for the masses. While there were a few styling changes with the 1928 to 1931 Model A Ford, they, too, looked pretty much the same for all four model years. However, with the introduction of the new 1932 Ford, yearly model changes were starting to take hold. One could own a 1922 Model T in 1925 and still look like the current model, but if you owned a 1932 Ford in 1934, people could tell that it wasn’t new. Ford stylist E. T. “Bob” Gregorie and his team did a wonderful job creating new and appealing designs that were contemporary and cutting-edge for the day. The 1934 Ford’s grille was chrome-plated and had grown to a pointed, slight shovel nose. Bumpers were curved and the body lines flowed. After WWII, when the hot-rodding craze was getting underway, many felt the 1934 Ford was the perfect starting point for their dream car.

For years, Billy Herbert had been trying to buy the unrestored Model 40 roadster from its original owner in Bisbee, Arizona. It was a tired car, but it still ran, and it was the owner’s pride and joy. Finally in 1985, after 51 years of ownership, the car was purchased. Immediately Billy took the car to Charlie Hall who was a craftsman with metal. Being a Southwest car, all of the sheet metal had survived, so with a little hammering and pounding all the dings were straightened and creases flattened out. Next, Henry Ford’s original metal panels were sanded and primed and Hall applied Dupont Base/Clear “Polo Green” to the body. The same care was taken for the original fenders which received a fresh coat of gloss black, after which the body was decorated with finely applied gold pinstriping. While the body was being brought back to life, the chassis, including the rear axle, was stripped and painted gloss black. Up front, a tubular dropped axle was utilized and a set of vintage 1940 Ford brake backing plates were installed so that hydraulics could replace the mechanical brakes. A genuine NOS 1934 Ford grille was located, as were a pair of side running boards, to help bring this roadster back together. Discarding the original engine for a later 59A block, the cylinders were ported and polished and a Mercury crank was added. Custom-made aluminum heads produced by the legendary Kong Jackson were created just for this car and topping off the build was a Thickstun aluminum intake manifold. Ensuring easy starts was the MSD electronic ignition system along with a set of vintage Fenton headers located and bolted into place finishing off with a pair of Stromberg 97 carbs. A set of original Halibrand magnesium knock-off wheels were located and fitted with Michelin tires all around 165 SR/15” up front and 235 R/15” to the rear. Seating surfaces were supplied by LeBaron & Bonney with brown leather, including the fold-down rumble seat and a restored set of instruments was installed in the professionally woodgrain dashboard.

This car was acquired by the Haag Collection in 2011 after it had been in storage for about 12 years. It was carefully reawakened and made roadworthy. According to the odometer, it appears to have been driven just under 4,200 very careful road miles. This is one car that the more you study it, the more you will come to appreciate little things like the pop-out windshield, the clear glass wind wings, the feel and fit of the door panels, or just the stance of the car. Under the hood is an awesome sight, especially those massive Kong aluminum heads and the dual carb setup. This is one of the most attractive roadster rods we have ever offered and one that you will be proud to own, drive and display.

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