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1935 Auburn 851 SC Phaeton

  • Beautiful body-off-the-frame restoration
  • Six-time Best of Show winner; Displayed at the 2007 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance
  • CCCA Senior Emeritus and AACA Senior Award winner
  • Impressive supercharged eight-cylinder engine with desirable Columbia two-speed rear axle
  • 2007 ACD Festival Poster Car

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Despite the lasting effects of the Depression, Auburn continued to produce some of the most attractive cars available to automotive buyers. In 1935, Gordon Buehrig’s trendsetting styling made the 851 and 852 some of the most attractive cars in the history of the Auburn Automobile Company. Building on original body designs by another talented designer, Al Leamy, Buehrig softened the edges and drew on inspiration from the Art Deco-inspired and streamlined California Zephyr locomotives of the era. Presenting what one could call a voluptuous blending of rounded and smoothed lines with just the right mix of bright metal trim, the 1935 Auburns were stunning and gave the impression that they were traveling at 100 miles an hour even when standing still. All of the new Auburns were powered by the proven Lycoming inline eight-cylinder engine which was rated at 115 horsepower. However, the improved Schwitzer-Cummins supercharger boosted the official output to 150 horsepower for those cars lucky enough to be so equipped. These automobiles were guaranteed to be capable of delivering speeds in excess of 100 mph and going from a standing start to 60 mph in just 15 seconds, which was considered neck-snapping speeds for the mid-1930s. Ab Jenkins, well associated with both Auburn and Duesenberg, took a 1935 Auburn 851 to the Bonneville Salt Flats and established several land-speed records.

Acquired by the current owner in 2010, this stunning deep green 1935 Auburn 851 Supercharged Phaeton has been meticulously kept and maintained in his private pre-war automobile collection for the last 13 years. Formerly owned by Robert Pass in the mid to late ‘90s, this 851 SC was then sold to a collector who commissioned a restoration that took place from 1998 to 2003. Before being restored, it is reported to have been original in every aspect. This Auburn would then go on to capture numerous prestigious awards around the country, which include 16 national awards, 6 Best of Show awards, the Ab Jenkins Award by the ACD Club, its AACA Senior award, and its CCCA Senior Emeritus. Most notably, it was shown at the Pebble Beach Concours in 2007 and was awarded a green ribbon for partaking in the Pebble Beach Tour d’Elegance presented by Rolex. It was the 2007 ACD Festival poster car and was also exhibited at the well known Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum, a place that every car person should see at least once in their lifetime. Under the current owner's care, this SC Phaeton furthered its list of awards by winning a first-place ribbon at Cincinnati Concours d’Elegance, being shown and displayed at an Indianapolis 500 Celebration, and it was exhibited at the annual Labor Day Weekend ACD Club Reunion numerous times with great admiration.

An unmistakable presence and appearance, thanks to the stylish supercharged exhaust pipes that flow from the engine bay, this 1935 Auburn 851 Supercharged Phaeton encapsulates the very best of the Auburn Automobile Company and makes onlookers stop and stare wherever it is taken. Wearing its body-off-the-frame restoration from the early 2000s, it still presents very well today. Visually complemented by Firestone blackwall tires, other notable features include a passenger side-mounted spare tire enclosed by a color-keyed case, Auburn 8 hubcaps with beauty rings, a venting windshield, and a rear bustle back trunk.

Mechanically, this rare Auburn has been dialed in, leaving the 150-horsepower, 280-cubic-inch Lycoming eight-cylinder engine with its Schwitzer-Cummins supercharger to fire right up and perform without flaw, making it ideal for tours. Additionally, this SC Phaeton is fitted with the trusted and durable Columbia two-speed rear axle, allowing lower gearing for quicker acceleration, combined with a higher final drive ratio for improved driving at modern-day speeds.

Well-maintained both cosmetically and mechanically, this award-winning, factory-supercharged Full Classic® is an excellent example for tours, CARavans, or the next addition to one's exclusive automobile collection. Considered one of the finest vehicles to leave the Auburn Automobile Company factory, this 851 SC Phaeton in its attractive and classy color scheme is set to never lose its dramatic flair or its important place in automotive history.


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