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1937 Cord 812 SC ‘Sportsman’ Cabriolet

  • 1 of only 64 original factory supercharged examples produced
  • ACD Club Certified C-348, verified numbers matching example with original data tag
  • Meticulously and accurately restored by Phil McCurdy only using NOS and original parts
  • Known provenance including early Cord aficionado, the late Douglas ‘Buzz’ O’Connor; current 24 years of single ownership
  • CCCA Senior and Primary 1st Award winner
  • Awarded Best Cord at the ACD Club Annual Reunion

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The talents of the great designers in automotive history were an intricate part of the appearance and style of motorcars throughout the decades. Men like Harley Earl, Ray Dietrich, and Bill Mitchell literally controlled the look of the cars as they gracefully penned the style of automobiles. The art of taking a design from the mind to paper and then onto the chassis of a car is certainly a daunting task, for it involves artistic as well as engineering talent. One of the greats, when it came to creating elegant cars to grace the roadways, was Gordon Buehrig, whose work made him one of the premier designers of cars during the height of the Classic Era. Buehrig’s talents were recognized very early in life when, at the age of 25, he was Chief Body Designer for Duesenberg. His work there was prominently displayed on what is arguably one of the most beautiful cars ever built, the famous Model J. Throughout his entire life he designed beauty in motion and his talent never disappointed. Although Buehrig is responsible for some excellent automotive artwork, many today will say the pinnacle of his talent is reflected in the famous Cord 810/812. Clean lines, precise curves, and proportions that are near perfect are just a few of the ways to describe the beauty of these automobiles. If all of the wonderful design elements weren’t enough to grab attention on these cars, a supercharged eight-cylinder engine complete with elegant and eye-catching side pipes would certainly do the trick.

Buehrig’s work is on full display in this factory-supercharged 1937 Cord 812 Supercharged Cabriolet finished in timeless Cigarette Cream over a maroon interior. Having been under the current ownership of the same caretaker for the last 24 years, he would acquire it from the late Douglas C. ‘Buzz’ O’Connor. ‘Buzz’ was a well-known and early Cord aficionado, as he was one of the first Cord collectors ever to drive his car to Auburn, Indiana from the West Coast, and when the ACD certification process was started in 1982, Buzz was one of the first to get his car certified. Buzz acquired this 812 SC in 1980; he drove and showed it at various meets before calling upon Phil McCurdy in Washington for a thorough and meticulous restoration. Having been old friends with Glenn Pray, ‘Buzz’ was able to source parts with ease, ensuring that only original and, if needed, NOS parts would be used during the restoration. Unfortunately, Buzz passed before the restoration was completed and the current owner, a well-known and respected collector, would acquire this Cord and have McCurdy finish the restoration.

Under the current owner's care, this Cord was certified once again. During the certification process noted ACD authority and and Judge, Rick Zieger stated that this example was the most accurate and correct Sportsman that he had ever encountered and that it should be the benchmark by which every other should be used for judging and restoration. High praise, indeed. Documented on its ACD Club Certification, signed off by Paul Bryant and Jim O'Brien and verified by its original tag, which is still attached to the car, this 812 supercharged Cord retains its original numbers matching engine and components. Winning a CCCA Senior and Primary 1st Award, as well as Best Cord at the ACD Club Annual Reunion, this example has been marveled upon across the country. This SC Cabriolet presents remarkably well, with no signs of blemishes or mellowing of the original factory colored paint and the chrome shines brilliantly. Furthering its desirability, this SC Cabriolet is equipped with both a radio and a heater and is accompanied by a tool pouch containing original tools.

Restored by experts and in excellent order throughout, it is likely the very finest, accurately restored example of this highly prized model. It is now offered for public sale for the first time. Its condition, authenticity, provenance, rich history and stunning presentation provide an outstanding opportunity to acquire an important Supercharged Sportsman worthy of a home in the most discerning collections.

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