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1937 Lincoln Zephyr ‘Black Beauty’ V-12 Coupe

  • This example is the original ‘Black Beauty’ used in the 1940 film The Green Hornet
  • Desirable Art Deco V-12 powered three-window coupe
  • No-expense-spared body-off-the-frame restoration
  • Highly optioned from the factory with Ford trunk rack, Zephyr script “peep” mirror and rare oil bath air cleaner
  • Used by Ford Motor Company to create a model to commemorate its 100th anniversary
  • Multiple Best in Class award winner

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Introduced by the Lincoln Motor Company, a division of Ford, the Zephyr embodied the spirit of elegance, performance, and innovation that defined the automotive industry in the late 1930s. Launched in 1936 as a mid-priced luxury car to bridge the gap between Ford’s affordable offerings and the extravagant Lincoln K-Series, the Zephyr line aimed to appeal to a wider customer base. Featuring a sleek and aerodynamic design, the Zephyr V-12 Coupe captivated the public’s imagination with its distinctive flowing lines, streamlined grille, cavernous trunk, and smooth sweeping fenders. The coupe’s design was influenced by the merging Art Deco movement, characterized by its emphasis on sleekness, symmetry, and modernity. Its elegant proportions and smooth contours set it apart from other cars of the era and contributed to its enduring appeal. Even though it was targeted at mid-class America, much of high society loved the design, with famous actors and stars like Clark Gable, Roger Pryor, and comedian Al Pearce owning their own Zephyrs.

A star in its own right, as it has been seen and cheered on by hundreds of thousands; this illustrious 1937 Lincoln Zephyr V-12 Coupe is best known around the globe as “Black Beauty”, as it is the Zephyr that was used by crime-fighting vigilante the Green Hornet in the 1940 Universal film The Green Hornet. Quite possibly the best 1937 Lincoln Zephyr extant, “Black Beauty” was meticulously restored by Ron Souders and Chuck Hora only using original or NOS parts. Shortly after its restoration was completed, this mighty V-12 would become the prestigious Los Angeles Circle d’Elegance winner and capture multiple other Best in Class awards. Lovingly cared for and kept to a high standard in the current owner's climate-controlled facility, this Lincoln presents remarkably well today. A highly optioned car, this example is well-equipped with a Ford trunk rack, a Zephyr script “peep” mirror, front fog lamps, a NOS Ford license plate frame, and a Columbia rear axle. “Black Beauty” is also the only Zephyr that features the elegant flying lady hood ornament on the two front fenders. Under the hood lies another rare factory option, as an oil bath air cleaner sits upon the powerful 110-horsepower V-12 engine. The spacious cabin is finished in fine tan leather that is nicely accented with chrome components throughout. The interior is also equipped with a Lincoln radio, which is hidden under the passenger’s seat, with a miniature control dial placed to the left of the ash tray.

Adding to its star status, the Ford Motor Company photographed, measured, and documented this Zephyr for two straight days and used it as the basis for a 1/18 scale model which they released to commemorate their 100th anniversary. Only fitting, along with the sale, one of these exacting 1/18 scale models will accompany the car.

Used by Universal’s the Green Hornet and his trusty sidekick, Kato, this beautifully restored Art Deco star, crime-fighting, 1937 Lincoln Zephyr V-12 Coupe, known around the world as “Black Beauty” is sure to be the center of attention and a phenomenal topic of conversation amongst any collection.


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