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1946 Packard Clipper Six Four-Door Touring Sedan

  • Comprehensive restoration totaling over $100,000
  • Attractive aircraft-inspired design
  • Comfortable seating for up to six
  • Original Packard drivetrain

VIN: 168211697

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In late 1945, the green light was given for U.S. automakers to resume civilian production. Packard, as with the rest of the industry, knew that it would be an unprecedented seller's market and rushed to get a basic sedan into production. At first, just one model was available from Packard, the Series 2101 Standard Eight Four-Door Sedan. It wouldn't be until mid-April 1946 until a full line of new Packards were ready for the market. Leading the way was the Clipper Six offered as a Two-Door Club Sedan and a more popular Four-Door Touring Sedan. Thinly disguised 1942 styling and body lines were presented with slightly revised trim. To promote the luxury level cars, 1946 Packards were promoted as "America's Glamour Cars". The advertisements told a car-hungry public that the "brand-new" Packard Clipper had everything that made the last Clipper tops in design and performance such as "fade-away" fenders and functional streamlining in design with wider roomier interiors, plus post-war beauty. It might have looked like 1942 all over again, but these were new cars with fresh engines, new interiors and real rubber tires, even if blackwalls were the rule of the day. They were new, festooned with bright chrome and shiny paint, and for those lucky new owners, no more rationing of precious gasoline. Many of the 1946 Clipper Six Touring Sedans found their way into taxi and livery fleets, but a precious few were able to be sold to civilian customers who appreciated the status of owning a Packard.

The restoration of this car was completed by an enthusiast owner who was in pursuit of recreating the first car he had ever owned. He had been quite successful in life and wanted to recapture part of his youth. He found a nearly identical 1946 Clipper Six Touring Sedan just as he had owned and went about investing a reported $100,000 to recreate the car of his dreams. Sporting a rich burgundy metallic finish, the interior seating and door panels were finished in fine-grain leather. The original 245-cubic-inch inline six-cylinder engine was reconditioned as was the factory-installed three-speed manual transmission. At the time of this work, it was decided to upgrade to a more dependable 12-volt electrical system with alternator and a completely new Painless wiring harness. The beautiful dashboard, complete with a full set of Packard instruments, was restored to perfection and the dashboard is fitted with an original clock, heater-defroster, and vintage push-button AM radio; however, concealed from view is a modern stereo system with speakers installed in both kick panels. Adding some glitz to this Touring Sedan is a set of chrome plated wire wheels fitted with a set of Coker Classic radial wide whitewall tires.

While the builder of this car did get to enjoy this amazing ride for about 1,300 miles, he sadly passed away within a year after its completion and our consignor acquired it directly from his son. This is a very rare opportunity to own an early post-war Packard; one that can be driven, enjoyed and shown with pride.

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