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1949 Buick Roadmaster Convertible

  • Comprehensive restoration by noted Buick specialist Doug Seybold
  • AACA Grand National Award winner in 2019
  • The exact model and finishes of the Buick in the 1988 movie, “Rain Man”
  • Superb condition throughout and fully ready to enjoy
  • "Rain Man" manuscript signed by Director Barry Levinson
  • Framed poster signed by starring actors Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman

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For a car in a movie to become an icon, several things need to align correctly: first, the car itself has to be striking, and then, the stars of the film need to be memorable, and the movie itself needs to be popular and universally respected. All of these things lined up in 1988 with “Rain Man,” directed by Barry Levinson and starring Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise. Along with the Best Picture Academy Award, the film cemented the Sequoia Cream 1949 Buick Roadmaster convertible as the third star of the film.

This 1949 Buick Roadmaster model 76C convertible is identical to the famous movie car with lovely Sequoia Cream finish over a red leather interior. Accompanying the Buick is a signed script from the movie director and a movie advertisement signed by Tom Cruise and Oscar-winning actor Dustin Hoffman, this lovely example features a spectacular full frame-off restoration by noted Buick expert Doug Seybold, and it has won just about every major award such a car can win, including an AACA Grand National First Prize in 2019. It's just gorgeous in person. The finish quality is obviously excellent, with great panel gaps, a deep gloss to the finish, and show-quality chrome and stainless trim. The car has been driven and enjoyed since its show days, and the only wear apparent are minor chips along the hood opening.

The red leather interior is finished to factory specs using special hides that Seybold has custom-made just for his restorations. Slight wrinkling on the driver's side seat back is the only wear apparent. All of the instruments were restored and are fully operational, and as Buicks' top-of-the-line model, literally, everything was standard, including power windows, a power front seat, and a power convertible top, all controlled by a massive hydraulic pump under the hood. With the Dynaflow transmission, it's incredibly easy to drive, and there's also an accessory tissue dispenser under the passenger's side of the dashboard. The back seat is big enough for adults and the enlarged trunk is correctly finished, including a matching spare tire and factory jack assembly.

Buick’s big 320-cubic-inch straight-8 engine needs no introduction, offering 150 horsepower and a massive wave of torque at just about any speed. It was one of the most powerful engines on the market in 1949, even with the introduction of Cadillac’s OHV V-8 that year. Fully rebuilt and highly detailed for show, it remains a fantastic driver and starts easily. The finishes and hardware are correct throughout and with the Dynaflow transmission, it cruises easily at 60-65 mph without much work. There's correct new wiring throughout, the radiator keeps things nice and cool, and it includes an accessory oil filter bolted to the side of the block. You'll also find a nicely finished undercarriage that wears basic black—that's how Buick built them in 1949. The exhaust is hushed, the under-seat heater is effective, and thanks to Buick's front A-arms and torque tube suspension, ride quality is impressive. Massive drum brakes at all four corners are effective for the car's performance and it sits on 15-inch wheels with 8.20-15 BFGoodrich Silvertown wide whitewall tires, as original.

Charlie Babbitt’s autistic brother inherited their father’s estate, except for some rose bushes and the ’49 Roadmaster Convertible. It made for a great movie, which was the highest-grossing film of 1988, and made a star of the impressive Buick convertible. Today, you can own the very same model car, one that is in excellent condition and ready to receive all the attention it deserves.

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