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1960 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible

  • Rare and highly desirable convertible
  • 1 of only 5,841 produced
  • Beautifully restored
  • Original accessory Bendix AM radio

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One of the 20th century's most iconic automobiles, the Volkswagen Type 1 Beetle would become the best-selling imported car in the United States and en route to achieving its status as a beloved cult classic. The brainchild of Dr. Ferdinand Porsche, the Beetle inspired great loyalty and enthusiasm based on its practicality, reliability, and affordability. The platform backbone frame was simple to build, and its rear-mounted engine left the entire volume between the wheels free of obstructions and mated directly to the transaxle, eliminating the driveshaft. The air-cooled engine further eliminated the whole water-cooling system of pumps, pipes, hoses and radiators, as well as reducing the risk of freezing in cold northern winters.

The Beetle spawned a host of derivatives over the course of its life, the longest enduring being the Cabriolet. A single prototype was built pre-war but it was not until 1949 that production properly commenced, the bulk of which was entrusted to Karmann of Osnabruck whose four-seater Cabriolet appeared soon after the two-seater Hebmuller-built version. Only Karmann's would stand the test of time, outliving the Saloon and remaining ever fashionable, an instantly recognizable motoring icon to this day and one ever popular with show business celebrities.

Unlike their steel-roofed counterparts, Beetle Convertibles were built in a separate plant by Karmann. Volkswagen convertibles manufactured prior to 1968 are among the most desirable and are renowned for build quality and luxury features such as a three-layer sound-deadening top. The 1954 update to a 1,200-cubic-centimetre, 36-horsepower powerplant resulted in a roadworthy car comfortable at U.S.-legal speeds. This charming Convertible is 1 of only 5,841 produced for the 1960 model year and is a prime example of the legendary “People's Car.”

Beautifully restored, this Beetle features attractive Juniper Grey paintwork and newly mounted wide whitewall tires contrasted by a crisp white convertible top. This Beetle is a rust-free example, benefiting from residing in the dry Arizona sunshine for many years. The paint is accented with gleaming brightwork, and the white convertible top fits snugly over the cockpit. The Bright White interior maintains added luxuries offered on the Convertible over the Sedan model, including map pockets and a height-adjustable rearview mirror. An original owner’s manual is with the car, as well as the convertible top boot cover, giving the car a clean and tailored look when the top is in the lowered position. Additionally, this car is fitted with a highly desirable Sapphire I Bendix AM radio, which was left cosmetically unrestored, adding to the character and Old-World charm of this very special, 1960 Volkswagen Convertible. Thoughtfully, a set of seatbelts have been installed for safety.

Irresistibly charming and in exceptional condition, this rare Beetle is perfect for club events, fun runs through the countryside, or just cruising around town to search for that perfect ice cream.

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