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1961 Chrysler 300G Coupe

  • Fine quality restoration to original specs
  • Factory air-conditioning works properly
  • Leather interior and full power complement
  • Owned for decades by a known club supporter
  • Only 1,617 produced

VIN: 8413113258

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Chrysler was riding a string of performance successes in the late '50s with a group of cars today known as the Letter Series - from NASCAR to speed records at Daytona in '57, their V-8 engines were leading the pack. Many historians feel that their success was the precursor to the muscle car era, and by 1961, the 300G could turn in an 8.2 second 0-60 mph run all day, while most full-sized cars from their competitors were well over 10 seconds. Mix in room for six and a full complement of luxury car amenities, and it's easy to see why today, these performance luxury cars have the attention of historians and collectors alike.

Although the post-'57 letter cars were no longer eligible for circle track racing, the 300G was still a muscle car to be reckoned with in street trim, thanks to performance equipment that was still in demand, pushing 400 horsepower with the Cross-Ram intake and dual four-barrel carbs. Cosmetically, the grille, formerly wider at the bottom than the top, was inverted and the quad headlights, formerly side-by-side, were canted inward at the bottom, in a manner reminiscent of 1958-1960 Lincolns. Small parking lamps below the headlights were likewise slanted and V-shaped, and the front bumper was canted up at each end, scoop-like. At the rear, the taillights were moved from the fins to the tail below them, and the fins - which would be gone in 1962 - were made sharper-pointed. Power windows were standard and a full-length console ran from the the dashboard to the standard rear bucket seats.

Presented in its original Alaskan White, this Chrysler 300 has been carefully restored to preserve its originality. The sheet metal appears original with the exception of the rear quarters, which were replaced at the time of restoration. The door gaps remain excellent, the rockers are like new, and the floors are completely original. All the glass is original to the car except for a replacement windshield. Overall, the paint and body are in very good condition, and this 300G was obviously cared for by an enthusiast.

Like all the 1961 300Gs, this fine example is powered by the renowned 413-cubic-inch eight-cylinder engine and backed by a 727 TorqueFlite automatic transmission. The car starts readily, idles smoothly, and will easily conform to modern highway speeds. The brakes and fuel systems have been completely gone through, all the fluids have been changed, and the car has been extensively road-tested, with all mechanical functions in top working order. This 300G has been preserved phenomenally well and is completely ready to tour, enjoy, and be shown at local and regional shows. This stunning coupe is also well-known, as its curator for the last several decades was a proud collector of letter-series cars and hence, very active in all club activities. The original Air Temp air-conditioning performs well and the sticker still resides on the passenger side of the back window. The leather interior is beautiful and in excellent overall condition. It has a reproduction dash pad, but otherwise the interior appears to be all original.

With luxury appointments, and a top speed of 145 mph, and the last of the "tailfin" era cosmetics, the 1961 300G may just be the pinnacle of luxury car performance in the early '60s, and today, you have an opportunity to buy an exceptional vehicle. Along with other Chrysler letter cars, 1961's 300G is today an alternative Mopar performance car that is respected for its stunning combination of power and styling, bolstered by low production numbers for those who like to add rarity to their stable.

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