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1963 Morgan Plus Four

  • Equipped with the most powerful and desirable TR4 engine
  • 1 of roughly 200 left-hand drive models imported to the U.S.
  • Numbers-matching, original example with under 40,000 original miles
  • One incredible caretaker since 1964, meticulously documented ownership
  • Retains owner's manuals, toolkit, wheel hammer, gloves, and chocks

VIN: 5382

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Morgans are among the most bespoke automobiles still in existence. In a mass-production world, they continue to be hand-crafted in their Malvern factory. With the fourth generation of the Morgan family still involved in production, there is and has always been a waiting list. When the Morgan Plus Four debuted at the 1950 Earl's Court Motor Show, the upgraded model boasted a slightly longer body and larger engines, but the styling retained the Edwardian styling Morgan devotees have always yearned for. This particular 1963 Morgan Plus Four, equipped with the most powerful and desirable Triumph TR4 engine, boasts a story every bit as special as the unlikely tale of Morgan itself.

Everything on a Morgan represents sheer artisan handcraft, down to the hand-pressed slits in the bonnet and captures a nostalgic look that will make heads turn wherever you go. At the apex of their lineup, the Plus Four offered three Triumph-sourced engines with the TR4 being the most powerful. The 2,138-cc, four-cylinder engine was ideally mated to a four-speed manual Moss gearbox and SU carburetors. This was also the first Morgan to be outfitted with hydraulic brakes. Crafted out of three essential materials: ash wood, aluminum and leather, Morgans deliver quite lively performance thanks to their low weight. The ash wood body frame, Edwardian sliding pillar front suspension and low slung doors harken back to another time, a time of beauty as well as function. Between the first 19-year run of the Plus Four, only 7,950 examples were produced; of that, a mere 200 were manufactured as left-hand drive for our shores. Even fewer of that number boasted the formidable Triumph TR4 engine.

This incredible Plus Four, complete with the original TR4 powerhouse beneath the bonnet, has enjoyed a life of incredible, well-documented stewardship for nearly 60 years. Sally Ann Miller purchased her 1963 Plus Four in 1964. She autocrossed with this Morgan and every mile was meticulously accounted for in her logbook. The Plus Four retains its original Morgan Autobook and workshop manual as well as a leather-bound auto record that details trips, mileage, servicing and even every tank of gas the car received. Quite a history and excellent caretaking make for a special package on this enchanting Morgan, with only 39,630 original miles. Accompanying the sale are the original tool kit, wheel chocks, gloves, and lead mallet for the knock-off wheels. Inside, a plaque reads, "sold and serviced by Fergus Imported Cars, New York, NY Stock No: 23427," which further authenticates this rare left-hand drive Plus Four, as Fergus was the only importer and dealer of Morgans in the U.S. at the time. Chassis number 5382 is a matching-numbers, all-original Morgan that is as complete as one could hope for.

If this Morgan looks good on paper, the effect is even more dramatic curbside. Aside from an excellent respray of the white paint in the 1970s, the car is patinated yet unchanged from the day it reached our shores. The elegant white body looks absolutely marvelous over the original 48-spoke wire wheels with double-eared knock-off centers and trunk-mounted spare. Inside the bespoke cockpit, the rich burgundy red leather has just the ideal level of patina and looks all the more striking against the white exterior backdrop. The woodgrain dash and Smiths instruments look lovely and are only enhanced by the banjo-style Bluemels Brooklands four-spoke steering wheel. When Dennis Collins featured this car on his YouTube Channel, Coffee Walk, the car had been garage stored with its tonneau cover since 1996. As the veil was lifted, it was quite a special moment. He vowed to detail and service the car, but allow it to shine in all-original glory, and here it is without adulteration. Simply enchanting.

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