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1973 1/2 Porsche 911T Targa

  • All-original, matching-numbers "garage find"
  • Iconic long-nose configuration, last year of 2.4-litre and first year for CIS fuel injection
  • Equipped with factory-option Fuchs alloy wheels and power windows
  • Engine-out servicing completed in 2021
  • Recent dry ice detailing of undercarriage, interior detail, oxidation removal and body glazing

VIN: 9113111072

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The 1973 1/2 Porsche 911 is an incredibly desirable year for 911 enthusiasts. The latter half of 1973 became the swan song for the iconic long-nose profile, it was the last year for the dependable and formidable 2.4-litre engine and it ushered in the first year for the Bosch fuel-injection system. No other production year ticks every box. This particular example impressively retains all matching numbers and has recently undergone a comprehensive, engine-out service.

The labyrinthine tale of the 1973 1/2 911 begins when Porsche carved up the production year into two segments. The latter half of the production year shifted their MFI (mechanical fuel injection) for the American market to the Bosch K-Jetronic Centralized Fuel Injection (CIS), which they would successfully utilize for the next ten years. What this model has that the later years with CIS do not, is the legendary long-nose profile that the majority of 911 enthusiasts clamor for. This was a result of U.S. safety regulations that required additional safety measures to the front end of a car that inevitably led to a shortened hood. This split-year model was also the end of the 2.4-litre, six-cylinder engine that is loved for its reliability and excellent performance. Total production for the 1973 1/2 911 was a mere 1,944, which makes them even more desirable when wholly intact today. This particular example is one of those rare survivors.

Robed in Porsche Gemini Metallic Blue (code 335) over black interior, VIN 9113111072 boasts matching numbers for engine number 6133192 and the manual five-speed transaxle, number 7335376. Martin Masters of Greenville, South Carolina purchased this car back in 1997 then sold it to Dennis Collins of YouTube's Coffee Walk. Mr. Collins' team mechanically put this car through its paces, and it is now truly ready to run. The all-original 911T Targa has undergone comprehensive engine-out servicing in 2021 under Mr. Collins' ownership and offers sheer, knuckle-whitening performance.

With a hefty dose of patina to its original paint, the car has recently received oxidation removal and glazing of the paint, but still has nicks and significant scratches throughout. Equipped with racy, factory-option Fuchs alloy wheels and power windows, the car also boasts the iconic targa top. The interior has received a recent detail, and the undercarriage has undergone dry ice detailing as well. Inside the cabin, the attractive black on charcoal grey interior has significant wear including a tear in the driver's seat, cracking of the leather-wrapped steering wheel, patina throughout, and loosening of the targa lining. However, the gauges and carpeting are in nice condition. This numbers-matching car is mechanically primed to enjoy immediately, while an investment in cosmetic restoration could make this desirable 1973 1/2 Porsche 911T Targa the whole package and a gem in any Porsche enthusiast's collection.

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