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1976 Porsche 914 Targa

  • Beautiful bodywork and paintwork throughout
  • Final year of production means this car has received every upgrade
  • Factory air-conditioning, custom seats, and modern stereo system
  • Accurately restored and carefully maintained

VIN: 4762901125

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The Porsche 914 was originally conceived in the mid-1960s as a joint venture between Porsche and Volkswagen. Porsche wanted to replace its 912 with something a bit less like the 911, while Volkswagen was looking for a halo car vastly different from the Beetle, Bus, and Fastback. It seemed at the time like a match made in heaven, and the mid-engine targa-top two-seater they produced seemed perfect for both marques. All was proceeding well until the death of VW Chairman Heinrich Nordhoff in 1968; his successor, Kurt Lotz, dictated major changes to the deal. As it ended up, the 914 was exclusively a Porsche in the U.S., but marketed as VW-Porsche in Europe, and most were built in the Karmann Coachwork factory.

Porsche debuted the 914 at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 1969. From then until 1976, the 914 was Porsche's affordable sports car, boasting an extraordinarily low and smooth-looking appearance and remarkably precise handling. The roomy interior allowed comfortable seating for two tall adults, and ample storage is provided by utilizing storage compartments both under the front hood and rear deck lid, making touring more pleasurable and convenient.

The four-cylinder 914 quickly found its niche, and sold well. Porsche upped their game with engine options and a smoother transaxle for the 914, and later cars after 1974 all received the 85-horsepower fuel-injected flat four that could hit 112 mph. The end came in 1976 as stricter emissions standards came into play. When production ended, Porsche and Volkswagen had sold nearly 119,000 copies of the 914.

Today, finding a clean and solid 914 from the final year of production is a rare treat - especially one in such striking Lemon Ice paint. This car is very tidy and straight, with fine panel gaps, clean glass, and proper trim. There are literally no chips or marks on the paint or bumpers which is unusual for such a low car like this. The factory mag wheels look great, and as you would expect on a car in this condition, the Targa top is clean and free of any abrasions. Even the engine bay and trunk are in excellent condition, with the spare tire hidden by a custom Porsche cover.

This example was obviously comprehensively restored in highly correct fashion. The interior is immaculate, with brand new carpets and incredible new upholstery throughout. The yellow panels in the upholstery match the Lemon Ice paint perfectly and really look great. It is nicely equipped with factory air-conditioning, tinted glass, and a five-speed manual transaxle. The previous owner installed a modern Pioneer AM/FM/CD player as well, making this a great "road trip 914" from what many enthusiasts consider the best - and it turns out - final year of 914 production.

Today, more people than ever appreciate the 914 for its unique styling, Porsche quality, and enviable performance. With easy serviceability and available parts, this 914 is a sports car you can enjoy driving without worries of a high cost of ownership. They have proven to be comfortable, easy-to-drive sports cars that continue to provide unique driving pleasure.

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