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1994 Toyota Supra MK IV JDM

  • The most desirable model among JDM aficionados
  • Rare right-hand-drive Japanese import
  • 23,540 km (14,627 miles) from new
  • One of the more iconic sports cars of the ‘90s

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As of recent, the JDM market has quite literally taken off and accelerated off the charts, as desirability for these types of vehicles has reached all-new highs. Original JDM spec vehicles from the ‘90s like the Nissan Skyline GT-R, Honda NSX-R, and Toyota Supra have led the charge. The resurgence of these vehicles is thanks to two main things: first, the companies have resurrected the nameplate and brought new 2022 versions to the market, creating a buzz to capture the nostalgic feels of the ‘90s version and the second reason being the engines they carry, specifically the early 1990s Supra MK IVs. Hagerty describes the Supra’s twin-turbocharged 2JZ as “One of the most durable and potent cannons to ever crawl out of the human brain’s primordial creative ooze.” A bold statement for sure, but these engines can handle four-digit horsepower figures and massive amounts of boost, hence why many have been tuned to do just that. As a result, stock examples such as this 1994 Toyota Supra MK IV JDM here are few and far between and have become very valuable and hard to find.

Originally introduced in 1979, the Toyota Supra was derived from the Celica and was seen in four different unique forms which would last until 2002 and then revamped in 2019. The fourth generation Supra would last between 1993 and 2002 and be the iteration that truly built the Supra name into a cult-like following car, launching it into the forefront of desirable ‘90s vehicles. Offered from the second year of the fourth generation, this ’94 Supra is a truly rare and original Japanese imported right-hand-drive example. Showing just 23,540 km (14,627 miles) from new, it also becomes a seldom-seen low mileage example that still has plenty of life left to give its next owner. A timeless look and stance, as it fits in with muscle-era vehicles but also as an everlasting futuristic look; it wears its original Silver Metallic Clearcoat (199) paint which shows nicely, only showing signs of sun fading on its huge wing adorned on the tailgate. It rides on five-spoke PIAA Racing wheels spun in Bridgestone Ultra Sport tires which show plenty of tread left on them.

While the GT exterior styling aided in sales, the main selling point was the monster that lurked under the hood waiting to cast any contenders to its rearview mirror. Teleporting the occupants from the get-go, the two-way twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre inline-six engine projects a certain sound and whistle that is unforgettable and brings joy to any enthusiast's ears. Well-maintained with low miles, the engine is in proper working order and offers its next owner the pleasure of simply turning the key and putting the pedal to the metal.

As every day goes by, there become fewer and fewer true and original JDMs on the market due to accidents, race circuits, and the growing trend to completely tune them with a new engine setup. With a cult-like following that only seems to be growing stronger every day, especially among the next generation of future collectors, this low mileage, right-hand-drive imported example is a wonderful addition to any collector looking to add a rarely seen appreciating asset.


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